WIRES is just plain sad

In typical WIRES style, undated letters were sent to donors and others denying that WIRES had anything to do with anything ever. They still insist on claiming they have over 2000 members which is a wilful lie according to their own official returns.

rw.com and its supporters are mere "disaffected former members" - its not WIRES fault - we are just sucking on sour-grapes. They know full well not all of us are "former members". They welcome scrutiny and give over the accounts at every AGM - really? Your nose is growing Leanne! Didn't happen last year did it? So much for not fearing scrutiny. What Leanne was really trying to say is that WIRES never does anything wrong and any criticism, even when there's documentary evidence to prove WIRES are not fair, not honest and not transparent, is just nasty people trying to put everyone on a big downer. So you keep throwing all that money adminstration's way, won't you? - or Leanne will feel sad.

Oh, and by the way, the postcards were obviously from rw. So why would Leanne have need to authorise them? You see, its more of the slippery unsaid premise that WIRES is so good at. 



# MrAlias 2015-07-28 05:25
Wires and some of their volunteers mainly those of western Sydney are nothing but fake con artists. All you see from wires is them wanting money. They say they receive thousands of phone calls for rescue yet 90% of those calls (after being on hold for hours) tell people to just take the animal to a vet. Then you have these so called volunteers who do absolutely nothing other than chase NON NATIVE EXPENSIVE PET BIRDS which all get either sold or kept for themselves. They fool people telling them that they must hand over any found bird to them cos they are "licensed" carers and this is INCORRECT. And when they get caught out doing this they deny it to the point where they will start accusing innocent people of being pedophiles just to try to shift the focus away from themselves!!! On top of that they hand out those people's personal information and then create pages on the internet where they publicly post all that info under the label of PEDOPHILES!!! And Leanne knows exactly what goes on through out the entire organisation and is well aware of everything so to say she gets left out by the board is just yet another extension to her already mile long nose! WHY ARE YOUR VOLUNTEERS CHASING EXPENSIVE NON NATIVE PET BIRDS!!!!?
member whosupports reform
# RE: WIRES is just plain sadmember whosupports reform 2012-09-30 10:02
Leanne Taylor would be kept in the dark by the board about what they do to the members. She would not have been told about the problems with the constitution and the policies and the way the board do not follow the constitution when they have a go at members that want the system changed. The board would not have told her there are members and ex members who have complaints against the board which have been ignored. She would not know about all the money spent on a private eye paid for by wires who the board employed to investigate its own members. No warning was given to these members and the report on them has never seen the light of day. She would not know how the secretary treats members differently if they want reform. Leanne Taylor has nothing to do with preparing the financial records and would not know that the membership is down to under 1,700 and the reason for this could be the way the board treats the members and ignores their views. She would not know how unfair the system is in the election of the board and how it favours sitting members so members not connected with the board are not elected. Yet she was the one that had to contact the donors about a campaign to get support for reform while the board and their friends who are responsible for all of this unhappiness do nothing.

Leanne Taylor working with a management committee elected by all members without the present manipulation by the board would do Wires proud. She treats everyone the same and is dedicated to wildlife care and animal rights. She should not be asked to try to clean up the mess created by the board and the previous Chair and his friends.

It is amazing that the boards have allowed the publication of the full names of the donors in the annual reports. I know that the donors were not asked to give their consent to this so it is a terrible breach of their privacy. Even the full name of a Family Court judge has been included and it is well known how careful these judges are to protect themselves from being identified. These reports were sent to anyone wanting information on Wires so the donors names have been made public for anyone to contact them using public records to get their address and phone number. Pity any donor who wanted to be private about giving or does not want to be pestered by other charities or conmen.
A reputable charity should know better than to release the names of its donors to the public and would protect their privacy.
# RE: WIRES is just plain saddusty 2012-09-30 15:58
I would imagine if Leanne didn't know all this when she started, she would have to be living in Sao Tome to not know it now! Maybe she is Spartacus?
# RE: WIRES is just plain sadguest 2012-10-01 01:12
If Leanne is so innocent she has the option of finding some personal ethics and looking for another job. Cant see this happening. This is like a Nazi saying they were just following orders. I believe she is happy to take personal responsibility for her actions, she is a political animal, not an animal warrior - doing what's expected of her - that's the job. Lets not make excuses for her, shes not kept in the dark as you suggest.
honey bee
# RE: WIRES is just plain sadhoney bee 2012-10-01 08:39
I think she is in a difficult position. Nobody outside of WIRES would of thought all of this backstabbing and sociopathic behaviour would be happening. In saying this she could have supported the volunteers when she found out. Afterall she is an employee so she has protection under Workcover and Fair work Australia.
The Beak.
# When first we practice to deceive.The Beak. 2012-10-02 09:32
All I can say is if Leanne treats all members the same then god help those who are left. I certainly got the pineapple the rissole and the mushroom treatment from her and I’m not talking pizza. If Leanne is dedicated to animals why does she complain to the board when she is informed of the plight of animals in distress and goes on to ignore it. Why does she state that they have 2000 members when that is easily checked using her vast computer skills?. why does she make up stories when she gets asked to do her job?

Why can Leanne not make known to members her reason for censuring them? Why does she not have the decency to speak or communicate when she has a question to be answered?. Why does she refuse to forward a volunteer a copy of the persons records held by wires? Why does she not authorise requests sent out to purchase wires Xmas cards don't tell me that she is going to blame Reformwires for that indiscretion as well.

The source of this letter is easily checked. All wires have to do is call on their private detective. Rather than make up stories to cover her indiscretion.
# WIRElesSCurmudgeon 2012-10-02 10:14
Leanne is definitely part of the problem.
Ms Mason Consultant stated on 13.4.2011 that “Leanne was incompetent at communication and knows nothing about management (some friend) yet she is ok on computers”. They have (as advertised)a apposite relationship from Leanne’s past for many years. I was told personal information about many members and south branch were nominated as Making trouble. I knew for a fact that this was untrue. later that day I received the most bizarre phone call from Leanne. She was irritated. I am (was) a Donor. I terminated the conversation as it clearly had others listening in trying to comment.
Leanne also later caused the loss of a well respected member from South branch because she did not like their TONE when it was pointed out to her the problems that she was ignoring and disguising. Problems that she was also causing for members in the field and unnecessary suffering by wildlife. Leanne hid behind the Board while the board hid behind belligerence and denial of constitutional rights.

If Leanne was a good manager she would not be scared to stand up to the Board after all she has every right to is paid to and is (unlike volunteers) protected from persecution. She also has Reformwires to support her if she is persecuted for doing her job as a responsible manager. Leanne also has the membership to reach out to and fair trading. (unlike volunteers). It makes my day to see Leanne having to defend herself and I wish her all the lack of cooperation and rights of reply that she stands back and watches as members and wildlife suffer.

From my perspective it seems that.
1 Leanne was not coping from the start.
2 Leanne has used the board to intimidate anybody who became aware of her incompetence.
3 Sucked up to the board just to keep her job. She was prepared to sacrifice decent members to save her butt.
4 The board kept her on because she can be manipulated as their WIRElesS remote guillotine
5 The board now need to keep her on because she knows to much.
6 Leanne knows why certain members were persecuted and is now in a position to dominate the board as she has the files of Reformwires to support her. The members to support her and they are all really pissed off about the waste and squandering of wildlife funds for rescue and caring.
7 The Board are literally packing their nappy's. Since a dissatisfied member used their private donations to begin an investigation of the Board members and management.
8 The smell of litigation has recently begun to divide the Board as they prepare to defend themselves and their possessions as they get picked off one by one as each tries to defend their indiscretions. and blame it on their peers and others.
9 From my knowledge of how the board get things done. I have no doubt that Leanne is being set up to discredit her and remove her in such a way that she will have to keep her knowledge to herself. (watch this space).
# RE: WIRES is just plain sadMyrtle 2012-10-02 10:20
Looks like the board keeps the general manager in the dark about what they do in the same way it treats the members.

Wonder if she is allowed to see the board minutes.
Early Bird
# The worm is turningEarly Bird 2012-10-02 11:08
Why apologise for the confusion.
What Campaign the campign to divulge the names of donors?
Wires either sent it or they did not. A simple note stating that this was not authorised by Wires. Would be sufficient then nominate who sent it.

Who is the group of dissatisfied former members.
I think wires protest to much.

Why is their dissatisfied former members forming a group.

I am aware that a donor has contacted Leanne about an unauthorised email to donors about Xmas cards. Who sent that. It has no name or signature.

How did a donor who was not on the list of the annual reports 2007-2010 recently get a copy??? Their name was not on those lists????

Leanne has offered the opportunity to contact her. She does not offer a reply. let's contact her and see what happens.
# Where my invitation to the WIRES AGMReally! 2012-09-30 08:38
The donors have probably noticed that in the last 3 years they have not been invited the WIRES AGM as they had been previously. Why would this be? Could it be that not all members on this site are ex members belonging to a small anonymous group!
# postcardsdusty 2012-09-29 17:13
I didn't get one-seriously good way of promoting RW to donors- who might get curious about why WIRES might need to refute RW and check out the contents of this site....
member whosupports reform
# RE: postcardsmember whosupports reform 2012-10-01 07:41
I did get one Dusty and it was just asking donors to support the aims of reformwires to get a fair democratic electoral system and to get the donations spent on the animals instead of the admin. There was nothing offensive in the postcard and you have to wonder why WIRES would waste donors money writing to the donors about them, being reactive as usual instead of being proactive and fixing up the mess.
# RE: postcardsdusty 2012-10-01 15:59
well WIRES seems happy to spend donors' money on anything BUT animal rehab
so we shouldn't be all that surprised

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