Oh no, not you again

High-horse says 'get off my back!'Let me start by thanking everyone for their kind words and encouragement.

The website experienced difficulties back before Easter. We fixed that. Then it went crazy again after a necessary security update: We fixed that. Then it all but crashed. A long and drawn out process of completely rebuilding the site began. The biggest difficulty has been the lack of available time for everyone here at the Spartacus collective. Thanks for your patience.

Welcome to reformwires.com

We are now, as you can see, reformwires.com. We hope to continue to bring you all the good stuff about who is doing what to whom in the wildlife rehabilitation area.

Our article in Open Up this time (formerly OPEN DEBATE) is about how WIRES management can turn on even its own when it suits them... But wait there’s more, in the Night of the Steak Knives.

For Whistle Blowing (formerly known as Whistle Blowing) we have some questions for both OEH and WIRES when it comes to kangaroo management around the Bathurst region. That’s Running Down Roos.

It is good to be back.


Not the only changes to the WIRES website

Stories were published here on reformwires about the sneaky way WIRES contrived to direct donations through its website and funnel them to head office, rather than allow the money to go to the branches. Well since then we have noticed that WIRES has toned down its website – the “donate now” slideshow and the big orange buttons seem now more demure. I’m sure it had nothing to do with us, just coincidence.

OEH only investigates small groups politically critical of WIRES

Does the OEH work for WIRES or at least protect them? And why? From reports making there way to rw.com, OEH has audited one group in recent months, that being the group run by the former chair of the NSW Wildlife Council, a person known to be disliked by WIRES. We find this very odd conduct from OEH because if WIRES were investigated they would be found in breach of their licence in many areas particularly record keeping. And why has WIRES not been chosen first? They are the biggest and have the most members, and according to their own PR have the most advanced database, best standards and other bullshit claims. Also, there has been many complaints made against them in the past, so why is WIRES still not publicly and officially audited by the OEH? Is there a relationship here that neither is disclosing to the public?

On bullshit claims

Who audits the claims made by WIRES? Can they prove how many animals they rescued? The records are not public – they are not even available to their own members. Do they really take over 100,000 calls a year? What outside party audits this figure? If WIRES insists on badgering for massive donations (including from dead people) then shouldn’t they justify their claims? After all they are asking the public to cough up millions, so shouldn’t they account for themselves. Never mind, they must be busy, so we’ll do it for them – consider it a donation.

OEH issuing shooting licenses - WIRES uses the silncer on this one

OEH is more interested in shooters and killing animals. The recent decision to allow shooting in National Parks is no surprise from the Department that doesn’t even bother to slap over the wrists a company that spills hexavalent chromium all over Newcastle. And from the Minster who doesn’t even know who runs one of Australia’s largest chemical companies responsible for spilling hexavalent chromium all over Newcastle. Did anyone see that movie “Erin Brockovich”? I listened to the announcement on the radio and loved how the Minister kept saying “there will be training… there will be training” ad nauseum. Firearms training for shooters? That must have been hard to get the Shooters Party to agree to. I wonder if the scandal over wildlife volunteers’ shooting licenses had anything to do with that? Maybe WIRES could train the shooters! They’re keen and they have a lot in common – WIRES mandates the killing of joeys in one of its branches.

Gun licenses are still being rejected

We are still receiving reports from wildlife volunteers in NSW who are still having their renewals of P673 firearms licenses rejected by the Firearms Registry. It is not just new applications that are being rejected, it is renewals. That must make the WIRES General Manager and the Board very happy with themselves… all those suffering animals and all that blood on their hands.

Talking of training

No wonder WIRES is always on about training, and has so many members… WIRES makes money from training – lots of money.

From documents we received, the North West branch, home of Board Member Maggie Cooper, made $6000 in 2010 from training. We received information that Blue Mountains branch made over $1000 from training about 23 people at one RICC. It is reported that the Blue Mountains BMC refused to spend any money on supplying these trainees with equipment – a local bank had to cough up for that. It is reported that this is the norm in this Branch. In fact, our source tells us that this BMC won’t spend any money on new members because they have no expectation that they will stay, but are quite willing to turn a nice little profit from these members, thanks very much. Both Branches have shocking retention rates – training in WIRES is a cynical exercise focused on bums on seats and cash in the bank, and has almost nothing to do with quality training outcomes. With attitudes like those demonstrated by the BMC of Blue Mountains it is no wonder people run screaming from this mean closed shop.

Then again – Head Office is stealing candy from babies

Reports have made their way to us about WIRES Head Office intervening in branch fund-raisers so that money goes into their own coffers. From what we were told a branch (we suspect it was Blue Mountains) organised a fund-raiser for the specific purpose of rehabilitating the many owls and nightjars the branch takes into care. This was arranged with a local Primary School. In the days leading up to the event it is said that the school received a call from WIRES head office. WIRES told the school that they could not do the event unless the money was deposited into WIRES’ main account. We have also heard that this is not the first time this has happened.

Comment posted about this incident

NWC Constitution changed – did you know that?

While I was away the NSW Wildlife Council changed its constitution and we believe WIRES had an interest in those changes. This should frighten anyone who remembers how they completely ruined their own constitution and the manner in which they snuck it through. NWC is there to represent all rehabilitators in NSW. So, why were rehabilitators not told about these changes by those running their groups? What was changed and how did your representative vote? The groups have a lot to answer for – it is not just WIRES who treats its members like mushrooms.

Comment posted about this updates the situation

WIRES accusing everyone of being Spartacus… again

This was a point of light-hearted glee for me. A few weeks ago yet another person was accused of being me. This time by Merilee Verhoeven, WIRES Secretary. The novel and perhaps disturbing difference was this time it was in writing in her official capacity as WIRES Secretary. It was also addressed not to the accused but to a third party who was kind enough to forward it on.

It made me laugh. That is about the 100th person accused so far. I should start a competition. As I explained to the exasperated and annoyed accused, from the evidence I have, WIRES is firing off shots in all directions in a hope of hitting something substantial. If they had evidence that might even vaguely stand up in a court, they'd have drawn on the donors' money faster than a Greek in a Euro crisis, and by now expensive lawyers would be in communication with him.

Not only was an official email used to make this unsubstantiated claim, I did love the affirmation appended to the end of these official WIRES emails. “Is this from a new book by James Elroy” I asked. "The Black Dalia Lama?” perhaps. What a depth of understanding and appreciation: She couldn’t even get the Dalai Lama’s name right. What’s the chances of her getting mine right?


(P.S. The Victorian story is coming, I promise)


# RE: Oh no, not you againSpartypants 2012-09-24 23:05
They're all wrong - I am Spartacus!!
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# Pick me!Its time 2012-09-24 23:37
I wish I was Spartacus.
the real
# RE: Oh no, not you againthe real 2012-09-24 23:46
NO! I'm Spartacus!
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# Thunderbirds are GO.Lorry Van Driver 2012-09-25 07:23
BMc. How come you look like Miss Penelope?
Great Disguise. I am so embarrassed. I was going to ask you for a date. Don't tell my mates.
# RE: Thunderbirds are GO.Spartacus 2012-09-25 07:43
I refuse to confirm or deny being Spartacus. But between you and me...
# RE: Thunderbirds are GO.guest 2012-09-25 07:57
I think Im Spartacus.
# RE: Thunderbirds are GO.Apache 2012-09-25 09:18
i'm spartacus
# RE: Thunderbirds are GO.Margaret 2012-09-25 09:56
You imposters. I'm the real Spartacus.
# RE: Thunderbirds are GO.guest 2012-09-25 19:30
I am Spartacus.
Lorry Van Driver
# Chariots of wire.Lorry Van Driver 2012-09-25 17:13
If your not Spartacus then I can't be Gene Simmons. Are you really really sure. I'm all perfumed and bathed and wearing a single layer of wet white chiffon silk. Just think about it before you decide to head of into the Barbed razor Wires of the theater of Circus.
# Its timeCurmudgeon 2012-09-25 17:40
Look on the bwight side
You are Bwian.
# SpartypantsCurmudgeon 2012-09-25 17:48
You are not Spartacus You are Bwian.
Actually I just remembered I'm Bwian. Hmmm! Sorry about that chief.
At least we are all looking on the B right side.

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