easterspartWabbit Season? You'll need a gun licence for that and, well, you're out of luck there...

WIRES NEW POLICY: Native animals in NSW must now suffer slow excruciating deaths

Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentWIRES, not content with controlling every aspect of their own members' wildlife rehabilitation licence and all the training that goes with it, has intervened with the NSW Police to make sure that no wildlife carer in NSW can hold a gun licence for humane purposes (that goes for all carers in NSW - even the ones not in WIRES!)

That's the topic we open up this time.

Ten paces everyone...

More in our series of grievance correspondence

We rely on you here at rW for the content we share with the world. This month we have been furnished with more documents around grievances by one of our readers. It seems you can do what you want when you are on the Board and you will always be protected and forgiven. That's in whistle blowing.

Victoria! Bitter?

Spartacus is a busy boy and well travelled - Sao Tome, Stockholm, Panama, Vienna, Mexico, Murrabit... Soon, in our new section on the different state systems for wildlife rehabilitation, we begin with a brief run-down of the system "south of the border". We'll do our best to explain the basics of the Victorian system. It is a different world down there but some things are just the same...

It is Victoria we're talking about, although you might mistake it for NSW or QLD when you read that much in Victoria has changed recently - cut-backs, back-stabs, and a management in place through dubious arrangements - it seems the carers are dissatisfied with the largest wildlife group in the state - déjà vu! Yes, WIRES finds its way in there too surprisingly - they get around as well, it would seem.

You're welcome "Guest", but the bull? Has to stay outside.

Last time around we announced to you, and celebrated, a WIRES board member's Australia Day award. Allegations were made about this by a "guest" and I want to get the record very very straight.

It was alleged that rW gave out the name and address of the winner. Absolutely wrong - completely false. Gosford City Council posted his name publicly on the internet (where do you think we got the story from?) The link is here: Gosford Council website. It would be part of the terms of acceptance that his award be publicized. It was also in the Central Coast Express-Advocate here: middle left hand side of page 14. Not exactly secret or private information.

As for us giving out someone's address: Rot! Never has happened and never will happen. "Guest" has a track record on this site and I am over letting it slide and being polite - real guests don't lie about the host (in thier own house too). That was the last straw.

Happy Hunting!



The Real
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!The Real 2012-03-24 19:33
I wrote to all the news outlets Spartacus put up - we all need to.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Guest 2012-03-21 10:15
I am so sad and this will be the last post for me. Befor you cheer please read. I am old now and my useful time is nearly finishd but I seen wires grow and change and I think it needs tweeking but not destrying.
I beleive Spartacus is honest and caring and means well. But reform is like givig birth. I t hurts but is worth it.
Democracy is all about stacking. Branch stacking or whatevr. The powr lies with the most votes and the parties stack and loby to get most votes. If you take Spartacus advice to get candidates for your Agm and lobby your branch membrs to be there to vote (stacking) and get the votes that is reform. The side that stacks best gets most votes gets power. It takes work and hurts but it is what happns. This is the good part of Spartacus advice - use the agm and lobby and stack like mad to get what you want. Make sure the candidats you put up got the time and skills and you can trust them. Also trust them to accept the vote. And suport them. Else whoevr is elected gets caled just anothr board member and cut down.
This is the giving birth.
But what happnd here this morning is like puting a rope on the infant and draging if form the womb. You will get it fast but it will be dead. There is no coming back from this. Truths and lies and half truths will be mixed togethr and poeple like the a**shole that Spartacus is fighting will use the chaos and take his own powr and that is a very very bad thing for poeple and animals too. Please Spartacus dont think that fight is over. This is a very very bad man and he has not gone away. Dont turn your back.
It is much harder to rebuild from ruins than to build fresh in the first place. Even if anothr wires or whatever its called rises it will take a long time and it will have a board that some poeple like and others dont and will try to destry and so the cycle will go on.
But with the agms and the power surges of democracy bypassed by this media stuff it is too late. Now comes the deluge.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Spartacus 2012-03-21 18:05
"If you take Spartacus advice to get candidates for your Agm and lobby your branch membrs to be there to vote (stacking)"
- that is not "stacking" - stacking has connotations!
Branch stacking is where you go around deliberately enrolling friends, family or paid others for the express purpose of having them vote for you at an election. Another method, which can be employed simultaneously, is to prevent voter attendance through intimidation or other methods, especially where the voters are likely to vote in a way that does not suit you. THAT IS ILLEGITIMATE CORRUPTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. I did not once advocate that.
In democracy there is majority rule. The point of an election is to let the majority speak. I am saying that you should, right now, find a good candidate FROM THE CURRENT MEMBERSHIP, and then help that person get elected to the post of WSC Rep. I am advising that you find who IN THE CURRENT MEMBERSHIP would vote for that candidate, convince them of the merits of the candidate if you have to, and make sure you can get every LEGITIMATE vote at that AGM; this may include arranging transport on the night, or proxy votes, etc. ALL LEGAL AND PART OF THE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. THAT IS HONEST DEMOCRACY - THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.
Guest: "It is much harder to rebuild from ruins than to build fresh in the first place."
- Well, That depends on how you raze the child.

Let none admire
That riches grow in Hell; that soyle may best
Deserve the precious bane. And here let those
Who boast in mortal things, and wond’ring tell
Of Babel, and the works of Memphian Kings
Learn how thir greatest Monuments of Fame,
And Strength and Art are easily out-done
By Spirits reprobate, and in an hour
What in an age they with incessant toyle
And hands innumerable scarce perform.
~ Milton - Paradise Lost, Book 1

I think WIRES needs a good restructure - I think the whole concept of a “Board”€ needs to be thrown out. I think the organisation has something to offer and at least deserves a future for all the good it has done in the past. It deserves to live for the sake of, and in respect to, its parents. It just needs some corrective measures. WIRES needs to be firmly back in the hands of its members and needs to spend 95% of its income on members (that means sick animals); not the reciprocal where 95% of the money is spent on and by managerialist ambulance chasers.
And while we’re on the baby analogy… ever heard of inducement? How would you like WIRES stuck inside you for any longer than was necessary?
We leave where we started Guest - me correcting you. Good luck to you.
# dusty 2012-03-21 22:29
absolutely agree, not sure what guest is on about - but doesn’t understand the democratic process. Lets get rid of the board - an association has a committee, answerable to the membership which isn’t the case here, why 2 tiers, the board is mysterious - makes WIRES sound like a corporation not an association, we can have a council, committee, whatever elected fairly, with an independent process for dealing with complaints established in the constitution, there will always be complaints, disagreements (the knowledge around wildlife rehab has inherent uncertainties due to lack of research), but so long as these are dealt with transparently and fairly that should not be a problem, I’m sure those people on the board started out with the right intentions... but have allowed themselves to become over impressed with their own self importance - this applies to certain patsies of the board too, let them get back to basics and think about WHY WE DO THIS - the critters not ourselves, we can have standards teams - but not able to double dip as currently, hopefully spartacus your actions can, paradoxically save WIRES from itself
# guest 2012-03-23 06:48
who thought up the idea of naming a committee of an association a board must have had delusions of grandeur.
white ant
# white ant 2012-03-24 17:38
Hi Guest, So sad that the above is your last post. I agree with you that WIRES definately needs some tweaking but not destroying. We can all hope that the current Board stands down to let some new blood into the mix and WIRES can start to move forward in assisting the animals in a more pro active instead of reactive role. Because they deserve better than this. I hope you are well, your post suggests you are not. Good luck be well.
# SaTAN WOULD 2012-03-24 18:23
new blood crap. i keep hearing it like if we get rid of this lot and everythign will be better again. guest was right about a whole lot of people just waiting to get on the board by kicking out this lot. get rid of the whole board thing. i’ll say it again cause it needs saying. so many here seem so worried about wires more than about good care of the animals. i agree with others who say if it has to go then it has to go. what the carers need and the animals is more important than some name or institutinon. when did a scared cow become a native animal
# guess 2012-03-24 19:58
You assume everybody wants to be on the Board! If you are implying this about me then your dead wrong. I would actually like to see some positions on the Board from outside the organisation from people with proven business skills. There are many ways to run an organisation but the skills to do it must be a priorty. We have heard from lots of Wildlife groups on this site most without a Board structure and they have the same problems. So the Board’s not the problem.
Magnum P.I.
# Magnum P.I. 2012-03-25 00:18
That’s even worse! People who aren’t in the organisation trying to run it. WIRES Inc. is an ASSOCIATION by Incorporation. Associations are people sharing a common understanding and goal. What you need is to get rid of the board system like SaTAN (hilarious) said.
Its not just management synergies, training core competencies, benchmarking, worlds best practice guidelines, leading edge skills blahhh MBA crap that makes a good management - its understanding, a deep empathy with the people out their doing the job. The people doing the job are the association - they are WIRES. Its not a corporation selling stuff. We’ll be calling sick animals "customers" next.
Some of the worst run organisations I’ve seen have been run by professional mangers who have sweet FA of an idea what the members go through. The problem with the board is they have been blinded to it - forgot it - and you’d want people who’ve never seen and never knew it in the first place.
Get rid of the board system and give licenses back to individuals.
I’m a SaTANist now?
an eagle
# an eagle 2012-03-25 11:06
Guess, some members thought the same about me, that I wanted reform because I wanted to be on the Board . My agenda was not based on a power trip and I just wanted to see the organisation managed well in fairness to the members and the care of wildlife. I’m sure there are many people within WIRES with proven business and management skills but they will not come forward until they know they will be welcomed. Otherwise I’m sure there would be people outside who would be more than happy to come onto the board on a pro bono basis to assist this fantastic charity.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Guest 2012-03-18 11:09
Want to make a sort of personal comment but maybe not. Spartacus and me fight a lot and hard. In case sombody didnt notice that!
BUT we fight like grownups the ideeas and not the person. Some things we disagree les than it seems.
I dont agree with spartacus the way he/she is doing things or lots of what he/she says but I think he/she is hontest and tries to be fair.
Just thought id say that.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Spartacus 2012-03-18 11:30
Thank you. Not agreeing with me is fine - disagreement is healthy. Not liking the way I do it is another thing - I’ll try to tone it down. My apologies.
# anon 2012-03-13 19:48
You need to look at the person doing the job and how they are doing it. Are they following WIRES policies? I have a business and am on the BMC for my branch, and I can remember only a few in 12 years. I am not interested in being on the Board but those who are should be able to do the job. I would imagine many people in management of WIRES would have alot of what you call “pestering” because they don’t understand basic human resoucres, you must have read the nasty letters given to volunteer members on this site. They hold a grudge, they can’t follow polices and they make up new rules to feather their own nests and those people they like. This is exactly what people are writing to this site about.
# anon 2012-03-13 06:55
If you do not want to be sent emails by people who are not your friends but members of an organisation you volunteered to manage, you shouldn’t have volunteered for the job in the first place. Getting any list of who’s on is the management of WIRES and their contact is like pulling teeth. You will always get some negative emails not everyone will agree with every decision.
Politicians have the courtsey to get back to you, and what Doctor has a private business number that wouldn’t be very good for business.
# Guest 2012-03-13 12:54
No argment but if you are a ordnary member not on bmc or board and get pestered by other members or ex members you got a right to privacy specially if they go on and on even when you ask no more contact. specially when threats are made. Even if on bmc or board lots of emails got to be from proper members about proper wires stuff or its nuisance. Not about if its accepted in wires. Is it accepted anywhere?
Dont know anything about stat dec. The posum killing was checked by wires, OEH, police and RSPCA and coordintor cleared. Executor gave own money as wellfor special purpose and didnt ask to be named or not to be named. another beat up.
# Bernard 2012-03-14 18:13
I rarely agree with Stan Wood but suggest the above, in his words, constitutes “cowardly and anonymous whining” (in this case about privacy) from someone hiding behind the “refuge of anonymity”.
I also suggest there is far more than the stat dec you don’t know about - the “posum” killing, for example.
You may honestly believe “you got a right to privacy”, or you may just be using it as an excuse. In either case, I suggest an animal’s right to life supersedes your right to privacy.
If you are not prepared to give a higher priority to the lives and welfare of native animals, perhaps you should consider resigning from WIRES.
# Guest 2012-03-13 20:51
Thats the point. Business difrent from home. Pollies got secretaries to write the leters and get the phones. Doctors got private home phones. WIRES business to board and bmc in reason fine. Heaps of back and forward rubish and threats and stuff no way. And if you get told no more you got to give no more.
# anon 2012-03-15 09:14
Most Board members either dont take very few to no animals. I get what you are saying I suppose it’s how you manage yourself, for example only give out your mobile phone number that way you can turn this off at any time and you can stop certain phone numbers from calling you. Using a yahoo or gmail account for WIRES only emails. Pollies got secretaries so does every BMC, Management team and the Board. I would think a politician deals with a greater percentage of the population than WIRES.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Guest 2012-03-12 13:41
It is surprising that certain WIRES members have become so concerned about privacy in the last year or so. Might I suggest it is only THEIR privacy, no one else’s?
The transparency of their claims is revealed by their willingness to have their names, addresses and contact details published on publicly-accessible sites such as the White Pages, various websites and elsewhere.
For example, one local WIRES member proudly announces on his Facebook page that he currently has 252 “friends” (all of them named). Yet send him an email and he screams that you are invading his privacy, harassing and bullying him and all the other excuses BMC and Board members can invent for avoiding communication.
It has become patently obvious why such tactics are being adopted. The Board and many BMC members are totally unwilling to communicate rationally with their members. One can only wonder if they are capable.
If Board members or other members of WIRES honestly believe that their privacy is being invaded, contrary to some Act of Parliament, then why don’t they “put their money where their mouths are” and initiate legal action?
It would be very interesting to meet them in Court.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Guest 2012-03-12 22:17
Guess you can chose your freinds with facebook and also if you want to be seen but if email gets used for threats and nuisance doesn’t take a B.A to work out its a pest. Bmc and Board members need to have comunication but only if its about wires stuff from wires members politely and they do got some rights to privacy. Politicians and doctos and stuff got private numbers. All about balance I gess. Shouldnt have to come to legal action to respect “leave me alone” surely?
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!Bernard 2012-03-13 09:47
This reply reveals yet another tactic used by Board and BMC members to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions - the "leave me alone" plea. It is not accepted by the Police or the Courts, so why should it be accepted in WIRES?
If WIRES "management" honestly believes their actions have been honourable and justifiable, why not agree to an independent inquiry into allegations such as:
1. the apparent expenditure of over $20,000 employing a Private Inquiry Agent to investigate evidence which allegedly was "cooked";
2. a BMC member using her position as executor of a will to promote herself as a Major Donor to WIRES;
3. the writing of a Statutory Declaration in the full knowledge that it was false; and
4. the killing of a possum by a WIRES Coordinator against the written advice of a vet.
Until such an inquiry is conducted, the honesty and integrity of the Board and its supporters remains in grave doubt, to the detriment of the many genuine, caring members of WIRES.
# RE: WABBIT SEASON!S.L. 2012-03-13 15:50
There is so much about the private investigation that should be looked at by an independent inquiry and I hope these are covered by reformwires when the Kurnell Allegations are put up.
# Guest 2012-03-14 08:54
The bmc member gave her own money not from the will and bernard knows that. isnt that defamatry? Hes not in wires but sends heaps and heaps of emails with threats and saying hell do legal action and all that. Thats why poeple tell him to leave them alone. Not just bmc members either.
# Bernard 2012-03-16 17:50
Bernard does NOT know that! He has asked both the Branch Secretary concerned and the WIRES Treasurer for proof that her position as an executor was not abused. None has been forthcoming.
She apparently expects me to accept her word. Given my previous experience with her before the CJC and elsewhere, this is not likely.
As far as making threats are concerned, I don’t bother as I prefer not to flag my punches. I challenge you, however, to QUOTE a single threat made in the “heaps and heaps of emails” which I have allegedly sent.
I am willing to back every statement I make and have made with written proof, preferably before an independent inquiry. Are you?
The people who have told me to leave them alone are confined to less than 6 WIRES members, all being cronies of the above Secretary, many of whom joined WIRES about the same time that she rejoined and were “elected” to the BMC at the next AGM.
This apparent branch stacking is consistent with the blatant stacking of a Special General Meeting of the Branch in Jan 2011, called to replace several BMC members (mainly the previous Secretary who had been hounded out of office).
The MNC BMC is apparently blind to reality, or they are totally unaware of what is going on behind their backs. I have received many more emails and phone calls of support from WIRES members than the few mentioned above.
Yes, I am not in WIRES any more, having been “expelled” for attempting to expose the corruption and rottenness in the organisation. That is why I now have my freedom of speech back.
By the way, defamation is defined in my dictionary as “remarks, writing, etc. damaging the good reputation of someone”. I hardly think that applies in this case.
# Guest 2012-03-16 18:37
taking time off after her child died is beeing hounded out? proving to someone who has no business knowing anyway ishe has to do? If you think she did a crime go to police dont keep on and on and on making everything she dose unhappy
# Guest 2012-03-16 18:42
The ones who were new joined when you did while the scretary was still away on leave.
# Guest 2012-03-16 20:37
I been talking to my freind. She said to tell the whole world the bequest money was paid to wires by the solicitor. The $2000 donation was paid from her own check account for a psecial purpose and she will never visit reformwires or have anything to do with bernard. If he wants more get a court order just because nothing she dose is any of his or anybody else busniess.
a member
# a member 2012-03-17 18:40
I don’t understand how this person, as executor of a will, is named as a major donor and yet the person who left a substantial amount in her will to the branch does not get a mentiion in the annual report. Is it just a coincidence and how much do you have to give to Wires to be named as a major donor? Transparency please.
# Guest 2012-03-17 23:05
She’s not named as a executor at all. The bequest is listed with other equests. None of the exectors are named for any bequest. It was for quite a lot of money. The woman who left it is named in the branh minutes and I think is named in the list of bequests in the anual report. Bequests but not donations. The donor was a old freind of the dead person from lots of years before wires that was why she was the executor. Probly why wires got money at all as well.
In a seprate report the donations get listed or in a difrent part of the reprt. Thats where shes mentioned in the donations. The 2 are totally seprate. I dont know how much you got to give to be named a major donor. She didnt either. She didnt even know her name would show. She made a donation of her own money got a reciept and thought that was the end of it. She gave $2000. Maybe its over $500 or over $1000. Who knows?
Now because of Bernard who hates her shes being perscuted because she gave a donation. She gave a lot of donations in other years but only like little bits or buying stuff and not getting money back but because it was litle she didnt get named and thats probly much beter. Good lesson if you want to help dont have a member like Bernard in your branch to make you feel like sh*t cause you did it. If you get the reports from the intranet and read them you will find both the bequest and the donation. Proply listed and there but in difrent places. Bernard must of read the reports just to get things to make the donor feel bad even if he had to twist it to do that. Else why would he read the reports at all when none of it was any of his busness?
# Spartacus 2012-03-17 23:38
“If you get the reports from the intranet and read them you will find both the bequest and the donation.”
Where is the WIRES 2011 Annual Report and Audited Accounts? Is it on the WIRES intranet? Really? Where? None of my agents can find it.
WIRES has not published it to its own members and its more than 5 months OVERDUE. Nothing to hide? Are you scared of me? Why? I’m a really lovely person once you get to know me.
# Guest 2012-03-17 23:58
Dont know where this one is but were toalkig talking old ones for this. Lots of welfare groups have truoble being on time because they get pro bono acounting or audit and go to the end of the list. Dont know if this is wires or not. Also the stuff cant be finished til all the stuff comes from all the branches so one slack branch can hold it all up. Or more slack branches. Probly lots.
# Spartacus 2012-03-18 00:26
Oh give me a break.
WIRES allocates and spends $35,000 per year on auditors - its not pro-bono. You can’t blame the auditors!
Its the branches’ fault now is it? Accounts are centralized at WIRES - ask any Branch treasurer. They can get the figures instantly.
WIRES is required by law to have that annual report and audited accounts tabled at the 2011 AGM. They are required to make it available to the membership. They have not done so. What are they hiding?
As for your other request: Of course - I understand - you’re welcome.
# Guest 2012-03-17 23:08
See what I writen further down for more explanation but I think it stinks that my freind has to be defended and explain at all when she did nothing wrong only something good because a person hates her and makes her misrable whenvever he can.
white ant
# white ant 2012-03-18 09:22
Maybe your friend did do a good thing, but when people do so many shitty things it then makes it hard to believe anything they do is for good and everything they do comes into question.
# margaret 2012-03-24 08:37
Yes hit the nail on the head white ant. People get very suspicious of everything when there is no openess and transparency and proper procedures are not followed. It is unfortunate if wong accusations are made and people get hurt but this could easily be fixed with a change in the way WIRES is run, starting from the top. All the personal bitterness now coming out on this site also shows what happens when decisions are made secretly by the board and not in the open in a fair process. These decisions appear to be biased and rigged because no one can see the reasons for the decisions. Board business is secret business to the members, government, public and the donors.

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